SD Pro. Inclusive Backstage Afro Textured Hair Workshop


The SD PRO INCLUSIVE BACKSTAGE AFRO TEXTURED HAIR  WORKSHOP is specifically designed to make top session stylists comfortable  and more proficient at working with textured hair. 


The course is carried out on both live models and and textured practice heads. Stylists have the opportunity to take home  Afro textured heads to practice their newly acquired skills. This master class can also include a full range of Show Division Pro. Hair Fundamentals  styling products  formulated specifically for textured hair and backstage use.

The INCLUSIVE BACKSTAGE WORKSHOP is comprised of three levels:


  • Basics: 

2 day workshop to get stylists comfortable with textured hair.

  • Intermediate 

2 day workshop that goes in depth on textured hair.

  • Advanced

2 day workshop that covers advanced work with textured hair.


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