SD PRO Session Hair Workshop


The SD PRO Session Hair Workshop is a “taster” workshop for licensed Hairstylists teaching the precise skills needed to work backstage at International Fashion Shows.

Designed to build on each haircare professional’s knowledge, the program will prepare stylists to create any desired look for the runway.

It begins with an understanding of the many textures of hair, how to work with it quickly and skillfully. The course will also provided a comprehensive look at backstage etiquette, the challenges stylists will face and what will be demanded of them.

The aim is to create a strong session team that is able to support Key Artists and to develop a new generation of Key Artists.

Our lead educator will be joined by Top Industry Session Stylists as guest instructors guiding course participants.

This 2 day program is a modified overview of the comprehensive six month Show Division Session Stylist Certification Program. The specialized certification course is offered up to only 16 individuals who successfully complete an evaluation process organized by our Lead Educator.


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